If you’re looking for a VDR to handle an M&A transaction or to collaborate with colleagues on a large-scale project, it’s essential to know what a virtual data space costs before you decide to sign up for one. Some providers charge based on the number of users and the amount of storage required, while others provide all-inclusive plans that are ideal for projects of any size.

Some VDRs have pricing structures dependent on the number of pages or documents. This kind of charge can quickly grow for project managers who work on lengthy and complicated deals. Typically, these companies charge $0.40 to $0.85 for each document uploaded to the VDR.

Other VDRs employ a subscription-based pricing model, in which clients pay a fixed monthly fee to access the service. This approach can be less expensive than a user-per-user or per-storage model and can help project managers avoid unexpected costs for data room.

A majority of the current VDRs have a flat-fee price model. These plans include the base price and additional charges for user access, storage and features. These plans are suitable for a wide range of projects, and are ideal for those who require a VDR to meet their business requirements.

Some vendors may charge by the gigabyte (GB). This is a great alternative for those who have to store only a limited amount of text files, but do not have the need for video or audio files. If you decide to go with this method of pricing be prepared to pay for overages.

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